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Healthy Water Bodies

Water bodies are often adversely impacted by concentrated sources of runoff. Whether nutrients, bacteria or other contaminants are the problem, we provide expert guidance to define and provide the optimum barrier solution.


NUTRIENT RUNOFF - can cause harmful algal blooms and/or low dissolved oxygen, which can be a threat to the health of the water body. Many streams, rivers, lakes and drinking water reservoirs suffer from nutrient overloading, whether from upstream farms, golf courses or neighborhoods. Full-depth filter barriers help control suspended sediments and associated nutrients, preventing water quality degradation.


BACTERIA - which can originate from buried septic systems, farms, sewer overflows or other sources - have been shown to be significantly reduced with the use of a full-depth filter barrier. 


CONTAMINANTS - in runoff from roads and parking lots, roofs and airports can also threaten the health of a water body. Full-depth filter barriers protect drinking water reservoirs from such pollutants.

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