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Our team is based out of Maine, Connecticut and North Carolina.

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Can Mackworth-Enviro provide a design concept for our specific application?

Yes! A Conceptual Design Package can be provided, which includes concept drawings and ballpark cost estimates and schedule for engineering, fabrication, installation, maintenance, repairs and replacement. We have a standard approach to the conceptual design phase of a project. Once we have gathered all the relevant project and site information, defined the design basis elements and understand the level of complexity, the Conceptual Design Package can be provided for a fixed fee, or rolled into the total project costs.

Can Mackworth-Enviro provide a cost-competitive quote for a "simple" silt curtain ?

Yes! Check with us for a competitive quote even for a simple system. As our website shows, we apply a great deal of experience to the selection, fabrication and deployment of barriers. We work with our partners to identify the best source to meet your schedule and location, at no extra cost. We apply our knowledge and experience to help ensure that you get the correct system for the application to meet project performance criteria.

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