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FPL EMB FB and SC at Biscayne Bay Mouth.JPG

Dredged Fine Particulate Control

Full-depth filter barriers help control suspended sediments and associated nutrients, preventing water quality degradation.


Our barriers are designed to seal to the bottom in order to force all flow through the curtain rather than under it.

Check out past projects below and contact us to learn how we can provide a custom solution for your needs.

2015-09-26 EMB 6 AERIAL S. CREEK B.jpg

Everglades Mitigation Bank

Tri-barrier system used for tidal habitat creation project in Florida Everglades that required zero NTU increase.


Seacoast Reliability Project

Two bottom-sealing filter barriers were deployed on the eastern and western tidal flats of the Piscataqua River during an energy cable installation across Little Bay.

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